Employers - Getting the most out of your Apprentice / Trainee

Training apprentices helps you and your organisation to deal with skill shortages or high staff turnovers:

  1. Ensure a safe working environment! Health and safety at work is vital as it is your duty as an employer to make sure that the workplace is free from possible hazards and all regulations are fulfilled.  Ensure that apprentices are introduced into all safety regulations, especially occupational health and safety training at the workplace.

  2.  Foster good working relations with other colleagues! Take care that new apprentices are introduced and welcomed to the staff.

  3. Give effective supervision.  Apprentices need appropriate levels of supervision. Nominate a workplace supervisor, who can communicate well and is a good role model. Show ongoing interest about their training efforts!

  4. Be a motivator! Praises should be done in public while it is better to keep criticism in private.

  5. Have an open ear and be a communicator! Communication is always a two way process and an important aspect of supporting apprentices is listening, addressing and reacting to their problems and questions. Also be open to their feedback and criticism. Creating strong internal communication helps you to fix problems as they come up.

  6. Find the balance between being fun and authoritative. It’s generally a good idea to show your funny side (as far as it exists) and joke around with your apprentices but sometimes it’s better to wait for that time after work. Once at the workplace you should be professional and exercise your authority to ensure everybody works in a similar professional manner.

  7. Practice what you preach and set a good example: arrive at work on time, do a good job and don’t get distracted by personal problems.


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