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Who can use HGT?

Any hospitality business can use HGT to employ their apprentices or trainees.

If I use HGT do I still receive the Government incentive payments for taking on an Apprentice or Trainee?

HGT will pass incentive payments to host employers as a reduction calculated on the on-cost hourly rate.

Why use HGT?
  • HGT carefully select suitable apprentices and trainees to the specific requirements of your business.
  • HGT does all of the the paperwork including admin of wages, allowances, workers compensation, superannuation, training contracts including TAFE / College and government incentives
  • HGT provide ongoing support to your business and the apprentice or trainee to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • HGT mediates and solves any workplace issues that may arise.
  • You have the flexibility to meet peak workloads and seasonal variations without the worries of long-term contracts.
  • You get quality apprentices and trainees with HGT's proven performance of 30 years in the industry.
Who monitors the Apprentice or Trainee’s training progress?

HGT industry consultants work with apprentices and trainees to monitor their learning progress. They ensure the apprentice or trainee is on track to complete their qualification and is developing the skills needed to be successful in the workplace.

Is Group Training an affordable option?
  • Yes. If you calculate all the hidden costs of employing an apprentice or trainee (including your time and effort) and the experience and expertise that HGT staff bring to the recruitment and ongoing management process, then you’ll find group training delivers value for money.
  • You save in recruitment costs as we provide the placement free of charge
  • HGT get the right fit for your team and your business needs - Trial period and interview based selection process
  • You only pay wages at applicable award rates and do not pay annual leave, leave loading, sick leave, workers compensation or payroll tax
  • You benefit from industry-standard trade training
  • HGT partner with you to ensure you get maximum performance
What are my responsibilities as a Host Employer?

As a host employer it is your responsibility to:

  • Treat the apprentice or trainee as though they are one of your employees by providing a safe working environment and ensure safe work practices are adhered to in the workplace
  • Define the jobs, tasks and roles that the apprentice or trainee will do, keeping in mind the training needs and supervision required
  • Ensure the supervising staff have the right skills to manage the apprentice / trainee
  • Communicate well and develop a rapport with the trainee / apprentice
  • Give the trainee/apprentice the opportunity to try new things and progress their skills
  • Allow time for the apprentice/trainee to practice new skills. Expect mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes
  • Motivate, watch, coach, praise and ask questions
  • Take a personal interest in the trainee / apprentice's development
  • Pay invoices promptly
  • Communicate with us promptly should any issues arise.
Can I choose to have an Apprentice or Trainee for only as long as I need them?

Yes. HGT offers the flexibility that direct employment can’t. If your business requirements change and you find the apprentice or trainee is no longer needed then with HGT you can make changes. HGT only requires a minimum of two weeks notice.

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