Training Benchmarks

Training Benchmark A – Industry Training Fund - 2% of your annual business payroll

You can choose to make a contribution to a recognised Industry Training Fund. HGT has a scholarship program “Hospitality Skills Enhancement Program” which supports school based apprentices and new apprentices entering the industry.


Training Benchmark B – Employee Training - 1% of your annual business payroll

All costs associated with employing an apprentice or trainee may be claimed, including any “on costs” if you employ through group training arrangements such as HGT.

The cost of training courses for Australian resident employees can also be claimed, HGT can customise employee training to suit your specific needs.

Generally 1.5 to 2 hours courses are about the concentration limit for most employees in a single course format particularly if it is done prior to shift.  General refresher type courses can include:

  • Workplace Hygiene/Safety
  • Dealing with Customer Complaints
  • Customer Service/Upselling
  • Service of Alcohol Refresher (or full RSA Course – 5 hours)
  • Coffee Making
  • Beverage Service
  • Table Service
  • Clean & Maintain Kitchen Premises

HGT can also train in other hospitality skills, basically anything you want/need, you can mix and match. Costs may vary for a basic short course depending the on complexity of the course.  For example coffee is very difficult to assess simultaneously for ten people and would need to be broken up into smaller groups and more intense training.

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