Employers - What are my Responsibilities as a Host Employer?

As a host employer it is your responsibility to:

  • Treat the apprentice or trainee as though they are one of your employees by providing a safe working environment and ensure safe work practices are adhered to in the workplace

  • Define the jobs, tasks and roles that the apprentice or trainee will do, keeping in mind the training needs and supervision required

  • Ensure the supervising staff have the right skills to manage the apprentice / trainee

  • Communicate well and develop a rapport with the trainee / apprentice

  • Give the trainee/apprentice the opportunity to try new things and progress their skills

  • Allow time for the apprentice/trainee to practice new skills. Expect mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes

  • Motivate, watch, coach, praise and ask questions

  • Take a personal interest in the trainee / apprentice's development

  • Communicate with us promptly should any issues arise

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