Competition Rules

  1. Competitors will compete on an individual basis.
  2. Competitors are asked to submit a recipe including a list of ingredients and an equipment list at least one week prior to the competition date. HGT will contact you for this upon receiving your entry forms. 
  3. The organisers will provide basic kitchen equipment such as, cooktops, oven access, workspace, refrigerators, basic dry goods (provided you have submitted your ingredients list), water and hygiene equipment.
  4. Competitors must arrive at the venue with sufficient time to sign in at the registration desk at the venue.
  5. Competitors must arrive at the designated kitchen area prior to 09.00 to attend a competition and occupational health and safety briefing prior to commencing the competition.
  6. Ingredients will be provided by HGT including basic dry goods.
  7. All competitors will be provided with a sponsored protein product, this will be advised to shortlisted finalists 2 weeks prior to cook off
  8. The use of the sponsors main ingredient is compulsory. You will be required to showcase the sponsored product to the best of your ability in your final dish.
  9. Additional ingredients such as unusual grocery items and garnishes can be included to complete the meal. The cost of these ingredients is to be borne by the participants and you must supply these on the day.
  10. Competitors will be required to prepare one main course plate with the supplied product. Competitors will be allowed one hour preparation and 45 minutes for cooking. At the end of this allocated time, competitors must present a main course plate.
  11. Competitors can also provide other items for presentation.
  12. Menus should reflect modern techniques, cost effectiveness and nutritional balance
  13. Competitors are responsible for the cleanup of their working area during and after the competition.
  14. A submitted entry form shall constitute acceptance by the competitor to agree to abide by the competition rules.
  15. Schools may select only one (1) contestant to represent their school.
  16. Competition management shall not under any circumstances be responsible for any injuries, nor any loss or damage to any goods, equipment or personal effects.
  17. Competitors are advised to check with the school regarding appropriate insurances.
  18. All entries must be submitted on an official entry form (photocopies accepted).
  19. The judges will taste finalist entries as part of the judging process.
  20. Please note no deep frying allowed.
  21.  All judges’ decisions will be final.

Marking Scheme

Students will be judged on the following criteria with points scored for each section:

Pre-planned workflow arrangement of materials for trouble-free working and service.

Correct utilisation of working time to ensure punctual completion.

Total /10 Points

Correct basic preparation of food. Preparation should be by practical, acceptable methods that exclude unnecessary ingredients. Punctual delivery of each entry at the appointed time is required. Appropriate cooking techniques must be applied for all ingredients.

Total /20 Points

Clean arrangement with no artificial garnishes and no time consuming arrangements.

Plating to ensure an appetising appearance is required.

Total /30 Points

The typical taste of the food should be preserved. Taste, seasoning, flavour and colour should all conform to today’s standards of nutritional values.

Total /40 Points

Overall point score /100

All scores will be collated. The scorer with the highest points will be the winner.

For further information, please contact Joanne Bunce - joanne@hgtwa.com.au or Tel: 9481 1602

To download a copy of the Taste of the Future entry forms please click here



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