Training in Schools

In conjunction with various schools in the metropolitan area, HGT has developed several VET (Vocational Education and Training) programs which give students the opportunity to investigate career options and develop industry-specific skills. All training is nationally accredited.

School Based Traineeships

HGT offers nationally recognised Certificates II Hospitality SIT20316 (nominal term 18 months) and III in Hospitality SIT30616 (nominal term 36 months).  Certificate III is approved on a case by case basis.  Both include on and off the job training, support and mentoring from HGT Industry Consultants and workplace visits by a qualified trainer.

School Based Apprenticeships

Students can start working towards a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery SIT30816 (nominal term 54 months) while still at school and fast track their cooking career.  This program includes a combination of days at school, TAFE/College and getting hands-on industry experience with a host employer.


It is preferred that students have had prior work placement or part-time work experience in the hospitality industry prior to acceptance of an application for School Based Traineeships / Apprenticeships or Full-time Apprenticeships.

Why? - If students have been exposed to working in an hospitality environment; be it a kitchen, restaurant, cafe - it provides them with real world expectations.

  • It assists students to develop skills on the job
  • Gives an opportunity for them to demonstrate their abilities to potential employers
  • Assists students in obtaining references
  • Provides and opportunity to meet and create new work contacts
  • Allows students to take part in structured training in a workplace
  • Provides students with an understanding of how a business works in practice
  • It is a great opportunity to learn how to work for different types of employers and with co-workers as part of a team
  • It also gives students to opportunity to learn about different jobs available in the hospitality industry

The most successful candidates have positive attitudes, energy and are naturally friendly and service oriented.

Customer service is the core of the hospitality industry.  Even people in jobs that don't have direct guest contact are supporting guest service. 

To work in hospitality, applicants also need to like change and be able to think on their feet.

Student testimonial on work experience:

Without having work experience I didn't really know what to expect from working in a kitchen. You see the hyped up world of a working kitchen on TV, but for me it took working in the real world to find out what I liked.  I quickly found out I liked the fast pace of the kitchen and working as part of a team.  Without having the exposure of working in a kitchen, before I started my apprenticeship, I wouldn't have known what I was strong at or enjoyed.  Chris (Yr 11)

Without work experience I am not sure how much I could have contributed to classroom discussion at TAFE or to understand what we were covering in class.   I found work experience extremely helpful to have some understanding of how a business works in practice.  Rebecca (Year 12)

If I didn't have work experience I am not sure what I would have talked about in my interviews; you can only talk about your hopes and expectations for so long.  The "Tell me about a time..." questions would have been hard to answer for me without work experience. Jacob (Year 12)

My work experience was a great opportunity to learn how to work for different types of bosses and coworkers.  I also had the opportunity to learn about different jobs available in the hospitality industry. It was a real eye opener.  There is still a lot I have to learn and lots of opportunities to explore. Ryan (Year 11)


Auspicing to Schools

HGT can also validate school-based delivery of vocational subjects including:

  • Certificate I in Hospitality SIT10216
  • Certificate II in Hospitality SIT20316
  • Certificate III in Hospitality SIT30616
  • Certificate II Kitchen Operations SIT20416
  • Certificate II in Tourism SIT20116

Validation arrangements are dependent on the school resources and appropriate qualifications of the teaching staff.  


Hospitality Career Advice for your Students

HGT works closely with West Australian schools to provide students with free career guidance and information regarding the hospitality, food and tourism industries. HGT representatives are also available to present career advice or cooking demonstrations at schools within the metropolitan area. HGT representatives may also be available to attend any careers expos you may hold at your school. 

In addition to this, HGT can provide support and training options to VET coordinators on traineeships, validation and other customised training requirements.


Work Readiness Training for your Students

HGT can deliver accredited work readiness training to school pupils.  The outcome is a recognised unit of competency and topics are generic to all industries.  Some of the units available include:

  • Customer service
  • Work place safety
  • Communication Skills
  • Social diversity and cultural awareness


Job ready factsheets are available to download for your students by clicking here

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